Dispatch Supervisor

Paul E. Wolden is the Dispatch Supervisor for the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office. He has held this position since 2007. Some of his responsibilities are being the Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC) between the Sheriff’s Office and the State of Utah which won him the TAC of the year in 2014. 

Paul got his start in Dispatching in 1994 while in the US Air Force in Saudi Arabia. One day the SSgt came to the doorway of the break room and asked “who wants to learn how to dispatch?”. Everyone in the room moved toward the doorway but Paul was closest to the door. Since it was 120 degrees outside, it was an opportunity to get out of the heat for a while. Paul continued with dispatching in the military until his discharge in 1998.

Paul is also an active member of the Beaver County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue where he serves as the communications liaison. This role has helped create a bridge between the volunteers and the Sheriff’s Office.

Paul has always strived to be a leader in the field of communications and has served all first responders in the fire, medical and law enforcement with his expertise. He is also married and has 2 children.

Paul Wolden