Elk Meadows Special Service District


  • 9:00 am
  • Fourth Friday of every month (Meeting dates falling on holiday weekends are usually changed to the third Friday of the month. Meeting dates are subject to change.)
  • County Commission Chambers at 105 East Center Street, Beaver, UT 84713
  • 2023 Meeting Schedule /DocumentCenter/View/1608/2022-EMSSD-Meeting-Schedule


  • Seat No. 1 (County Commission Representative) (Term to expire December 31, 2023): Wade Hollingshead
  • Seat No. 2 (Term to expire December 31, 2023): Shane Gadbaw
  • Seat No. 3 (Term to expire December 31, 2023): Paul V. Burgon
  • Seat No. 4 (Term to expire December 31, 2023): Phillip R. Emerson 
  • Seat No. 5 (State Trust Lands Representative) (Term to expire December 31, 2025): Ron Torgerson 
  • Seat No. 6 (Term to expire December 31, 2025): Dee Draney
  • Seat No. 7 (Term to expire December 31, 2025): Gaye Christiansen 


The Elk Meadows Special Service District (EMSSD) was created by the Beaver County Commission to provide services in and around the property now known as Eagle Point Resort, located 18 miles east of Beaver on Highway 153.


The EMSSD provides culinary water and system maintenance to residences and businesses; road maintenance in and around Eagle Point Resort and surrounding properties throughout the year, including snow removal; fire protection services.

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Master Plan

On February 26, 2021, the Administrative Control Board (the “Board”) of Elk Meadows Special Service District, Utah adopted a resolution declaring its intention to designate the West Village Unit #1 Subdivision Assessment Area (the “Assessment Area”).  The Board held a public hearing on March 26, 2021 with regard to the Assessment Area and has received four written protests against the proposed Assessment Area, which constitute 5.7% of the total lots within the proposed Assessment Area.

  1. Dee Draney

    Phone: (801) 255-1272

  2. Paul Burgon

    Vice Chairman
    Phone: 703-969-8530

  3. Shane Gadbaw

    Phone: 917-213-4270

  4. Gaye Christiansen

    Phone: 801-380-3341

  5. Phillip R. Emerson

    Phone: 702-460-1343

  6. David White

    District Accountant
    Phone: (435) 438-5317

  7. Leo G. Kanell

    District Attorney
    Phone: (435) 438-6441

  8. Heidi Eyre

    District Secretary
    Phone: 435-438-6465

  9. beavercounty-4769-2

    Wade Hollingshead

    Commission Chair
    Phone: (435)-421-1949

  10. Ron Torgerson

    Phone: 435-691-3456