How do I bail or bond someone out of jail?

A person who has been arrested and charged with a crime and has not been convicted of that crime may be required to post bail, either by cash or bond, before being released from jail. Bail is insurance to guarantee an arrestee will appear in court for trial. If that person fails to appear for a court date, the bail money is forfeited.

Amount of Bail

Unless otherwise set as 'No Bail Allowed' by a judge or bail commissioner, all offenses are bailable. The amount of bail is determined by a judge or from an established bail schedule. Bail may be made by an arrestee or by someone on his/her behalf.

How to Pay Bail

Bail can be paid at either the court of jurisdiction or at here at the jail. Although most of the instructions below are generic for either situation, they are written for paying at the jail. To post a bail, first make sure the person is in fact, in the Beaver County jail. Please call 435-438-2862 where you will also need to find out the arrestee's charge(s), the bail amount, and the court of jurisdiction.

There are two ways of posting a bond:

Cash Bail

The total amount of the bail, in cash, is placed with the Court of juristiction to guarantee the arrestee will appear at the next court hearing. If the arrestee does not appear after posting cash bail, the money will be forfeited. If a not guilty verdict is rendered or the case is dismissed, or at the conclusion of the trial proceedings, bail money will be refunded minus any fines and / or court costs. Refunds are available only through the Court of jurisdiction.

Methods of Payment

Cash, cashier's checks, or money orders are the only accepted methods of payment for bail. When posting bail, cashier's checks and money orders must be made payable to the ‘Beaver County Inmate Trust Fund’. Personal checks are not accepted. To make bond with a credit card you must add that money to the arrestee’s trust fund account; instructions on how to do that can be found by visiting Adding Money to an Inmate's Commissary Account.

Surety Bond

A bonding company licensed in Utah posts a bond that guarantees an arrestee will appear at the next court date. The Beaver County Sheriff’s Office does not participate in the contract between an arrestee and the bonding company. The bonding company normally charges a fee for each bond posted. Some bonding companies may help you out with posting a cash bond with a credit card also. If you need help finding a bail bond company, the State of Utah's Insurance Department provides an online List of Licensed Bail Bond Agencies.

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