Get emergency alerts on your phone

Be alerted when a critical incident or other emergency alerts are issued. Don't be left not knowing!

When you download AlertSense by Konexus for Beaver County, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you and you will be alerted to any emergency notification that the Beaver County Sheriff's Office sends out. Alerts may also include instructions on what to do or where to find futher instructions on what to do as well. Signing up is easy!

With AlertSense, you can be alerted not just on your cell phone, but on your home phone, email, and more!

ALSO, other notifications that are non-emergency related may be sent through AlertSense as well. County related events such as meetings, road closures, parade cancellations, etc., may also be sent to notify the public when relevant.

You can sign up for your Beaver County alerts when you click here.

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